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Boys in Prague

By night and by day

sunny 25 °C

I recently took a little trip to Prague for a boys weekend. First I met up with Rich and then with Daniel. Meanwhile Clare stayed in Verona and hung out with her visiting cousin Rowan. Of course Air Italy took an extra hour to get off the ground and the people in Prague wanted me to walk to the tarmac. But I got there in the end.

Prague is both strange and interesting. Full of history and culture by day and full of party goers by night. A contradiction. A bit like me.

The photos here might best explain.


We stayed in a lovely 5 star hotel on this main square. I thought the pound symbol on the website was a euro symbol. Looked like a bargain.

Rich and I went down to the square for a beer. The clock here is amazing.

and the square by night is rather nice also,

We found a nice bar on the square and had some beers. We met the manager who was very helpful. He gave us a free drink and hooked us up - told us where the coolest night spot in town was.

We met a few people out on bucks nights.


Made it to Mecca and it truly was the coolest night spot in Prague.

Then it was time for Rich to Leave and for Daniel to arrive. Only nine hours late. He missed the first flight.

We wandered the town and found a place where we were able to get two whiskeys and two beers for under five bucks. The night before I had paid more for one beer. We had a rather placid night just sitting by the square sipping beer.

The next day we went on a mission to see everything possible in one day. We started with a tour, something about communism and the history of Prague. Not our first choice but the only easy one for a wheelchair. At first I felt like I had forgotten my textbook or that there might be a test at the end. We did however learn some interesting things about WW1 and WW2 as well as the Velvet Revolution.
(Go to hell.)

Next we made the huge uphill climb to the castle. It was very steep and very long, but very worth the effort.

(The view from the top.)
(Some strange performance art.)

The castle and thereabouts... We both went a little photo crazy.


Next a rest and then the evening.
We found a club. We made some friends. They started throwing up. We ditched them. We wandered the streets looking for something not seedy. We were offered various substances and invited into various venues. We politely declined these offers. Instead we found a seedy pokie place.


We lost our money. We went to sleep. And that was Prague. By night and by day.

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Mantova and around Verona

A quiet couple of weeks led us to explore our surrounds more

sunny 30 °C

Last weekend we decided to take advantage of no trucks on the road and drive to Mantova, a nearby city. When we realised it only took 25 minutes to get there we were sorry not to have been there sooner!

It was a stifling hot day, with no wind, and most of our day was spent trying to find cool places to escape the heat! Luckily Mantova is full of amazing palaces and churches, beautiful and cool!








A local fishing competition was happening on the lake.


The Mantovans must love their food. We had two delicious meals of local specialties, including green gnocchi, ravioli with pumpkin, clam soup... We also spent a few hours in the afternoon chilling at a trendy bar looking over a park, until we felt intimidated by the super cool crowd and had to leave.


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Feeling fat

22 weeks - how will I last another 18?

sunny 23 °C

OK so I have started to feel really fat.


Sometimes I like the belly, sometimes it annoys me. It's started to get pretty hot here now, and I'm finding a day in the heat walking around really tires me out. We went to Bergamo the other day and I was unable to help Simon up this hill...


... ok it was steeper than it looks ... luckily this cute little old Italian man was walking down the hill, and when he saw us he turned around so he could help. He was panting at the top poor little thing, I thought he might keel over from a heart attack!

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It's Raining It's Pouring

Bloody Londoners Keep Bringing the Rain

storm 16 °C

When we set out on the ferry for Bellagio, the sun was shining and we were thinking how lucky we were, after the terrible weather we'd had with Tara and Emma, to get a chance to see Lake Como in the sunshine.


After spending a couple of hours there, we hopped back on the ferry. Mid way through the trip, the rain came... then the hail! Hail was pelting into the car ferry, as we helplessly tried to get sheltered (unsuccessfully). As we arrived at Menaggio where our cars were, we made a mad bolt through the hail to some shelter. This was the result...


Nevertheless, as much as we hate the weather they inevitably bring, we do love having visitors. This time it was Simon's old mate Daniel, and his girlfriend Robyn and friend Ange. And Sayos came along for the ride as well.


We had a really enjoyable few days in Lake Lugano, picnics, walks on the lake, bike riding for some, and of course the usual shenanigans.







Sayos was up to his usual tricks...



As was Simon...

(what to do when you're stuck in a traffic jam)

Scenery was picturesque as always...



And on the way home we had a day in Bergamo, enjoying some fine food and another amazing church.






Back in Verona for a week now, catching up on veg-out time. Ah, la dolce vita.

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Mr Ed Is Dead


overcast 21 °C
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A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
But no one can speak to a horse, of course,
That of course, because that horse,
Is the famous second course...


Rich Say came to visit recently, and as always with The Say things were interesting. First off we were really hungry.


In fact Rich was soooo hungry he could eat a horse. (This joke was used all week)

Now if there are any horse lovers out their this may offend, but let me tell you... As fun as they are to ride, to pat, or of course, of course to bet on, their true potential will only be realised once butchered, stewed and served up on a plate. The Veronese figured this out a while ago and now Cavallo Stew is the local speciality.

It was in fact very tasty, though I did feel a little odd about it at first, the taste soon won me over. Rich didn't need any convincing.


Afterwards Rich was almost as full as Clare's 21 week belly.


We also went clubbing at Verona's famous club, Alter Ego. It's a superb club hanging from the hillside above the city, with spectacular views and tunes.


We made some friends.


And we appreciated the cultural differences.


Whilst Rich was in town we were also privileged enough to meet his friend - Papa.


Clare went to bed and Papa and Rich and I stayed up late, drinking at the pizza shop downstairs.


It was fun but I couldn't play the next day. Sore head.

As always Verona is about the food.


But we did also see some sites.

(how amazing does this look?)
(it's just a building)

Clare and Rich did anyway - I was stuck downstairs.


Brilliantly they have put in a lift for the tower that is only up five steps?!

Next stop Lake Lugano with Daniel and Robyn...


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